Vision and Mission


“Opening the mosque as a platform to bring communities of various faiths together and promote mutual understanding”
“To share Islamic cultural values through mosque tours and engage meaningfully with those of other faiths”
1. To create opportunities to experience Islam within the mosque
2. To clear the misconception about Islam and Muslims
3. To promote peaceful co-existence with communities of other faiths
ATMT Secretariat Objectives:
1. To identify training needs, opportunities and resources for training, and to organize and set up training for mosque tour guides
2. To take necessary steps to bring the center to a position in which it can function as a full-fledged resource center
3. To create ATMT opportunities, as well as facilitate and coordinate ATMT activities island-wide
4. To conduct necessary research for the development of appropriate tools for the progression and growth of ATMT in the country
5. To develop coordination mechanisms between mosques and partner organizations
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